Practical technology and basic research always coexist

Kiichiro Toyoda, who contributed to the establishment of the Japanese automobile industry, always understood that practical technology and basic research are two sides of the same coin. Toyota, which at the time of its founding resolved to contribute to the nation and society through industry, attached great importance to basic research as the foundation of practical technology. Therefore, they always placed basic research alongside their business regardless of the conditions, pouring their hearts into research throughout their lives despite their standing as executives. In a similar vein, TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC., which was established in 1960 as an independent laboratory from the Toyota Group, is part of the corporate alliance with the objective of building up the industry, and it will maintain this position well into the future.

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Photograph of CEO Nobuhiko Koga

In 2021, COP26 announced an international agreement to maintain the rise in average post-industrial revolution temperatures to within 1.5°C. And, the Toyota Group has raised the goal of realizing carbon neutrality throughout the entire automobile lifecycle by 2050. In this way, we are now approaching an era that will see the restructuring of an entire industry involved in the automobiles and mobilities that support communities and the lives of people around the world. And we see it as our mission to establish the practical technology and basic research required to enable this effort.

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Koukichi Nakanishi

Securing and innovating practical technologies

We are now working to develop technologies that dramatically enhance the efficiency of power modules and motors for electric vehicle, as well as technologies to efficiently leverage renewable energy to achieve carbon neutrality in vehicle production. We are also engaging in the development of rechargeable batteries and fuel cells based on principles discovered using quantum beam analysis, as well as research into manufacturing products with lower environmental footprints. And we are conceiving new practical technologies that the coming era will require by linking the scientific knowledge we have accumulated over the years with elemental technologies.
We will deliver the research achievements of these efforts to society through the Toyota Group.

Creating pioneering research concepts

In the same way that social transformation is proceeding rapidly, the discontinuous evolution of science and technology is also progressing in various fields of research.
Based on the new paradigm of computational science represented by data science and quantum computing, we are challenging to create breakthroughs in the design of large-scale systems, analysis of interactions between atoms, and other problems in industrial applications that have been difficult to apply in the past. We are also strengthening our efforts as a frontier research group that transcends technological barriers, such as simulation technology that reproduces human emotions, as well as mental and physical states, in virtual space by simulating physical and cognitive functions, and research on ultra-sensitive sensor devices that apply the unique properties that arise in the unobservable world of the nanoscale and below.

Research networks and agility

Human creativity is the driving force behind the sustainable development of society and science and technology. At the same time, engaging in a wide expanse of research fields will require human networks. Which is why we must form agile networks in which everyone can overcome all manner of hurdles, connect with each other, learn from mistakes, and make improvements. It is our intent to bring together those who are capable of and find joy in building such networks. And we will create a research place here where they can work with enjoyment.

We appreciate your understanding and support for our endeavors.

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