TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. (hereinafter referred to as “TCRDL”) understands that Information Assets related to our business activities are critical properties. TCRDL has established this Information Security Basic Policy to ensure that TCRDL manages and practices information security methodically and continuously.

2.Basic Stance

TCRDL shall comply with applicable laws, governmental guidelines, contractual obligations, and other social norms related to information security.
(2)Maintaining Stable Business Management
TCRDL shall ensure competitiveness and business continuity through the management and protection of Information Assets.
(3)Providing Safe Products and Services
In our business activities, such as the development of comprehensive technologies and various research, experiments, and surveys related to their use, TCRDL shall incorporate information security practices to provide safe products and services to our customers and society.
(4)Contributing to the Establishment of Safe Cyberspace
TCRDL shall act as a good corporate citizen by contributing to a safe online environment (“Cyberspace”) by working to identify and mitigate information security vulnerabilities in TCRDL’s Information Assets.
(5)Information Security Management
TCRDL shall continuously implement information security management through the establishment of governance and risk management including incident response.
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