Estimation and Control Technology for Vehicle Dynamics Management

We have developed a system referred to as vehicle dynamics integrated management (VDIM) *1 in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation aiming for the ideal of vehicles dynamics control for the next generation of vehicle stability control (VSC) *2. A conventional anti-lock braking system (ABS) *3, traction control system (TCS) *4 and VSC were responding near the critical limit. The stability of these systems was secured; however, discontinuous motion still occurs in some cases. The purpose of VDIM is to comprehensively control the driving force, brakes and steering, not just in the event of an emergency, but as a constant safety system to protect the driver and passengers at all times while driving.

  • *1 VDIM : Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management
  • *2 VSC : Vehicle stability Control System
  • *3 ABS : Anti lock Break System
  • *4 TCS : Traction Control System
Technology for Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management

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