Fields of Work

Details of work at Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.


Our research professionals are responsible for supporting the future of the Toyota Group, and actively pursue both current topics and leading-edge technology topics with the potential to create new business opportunities. The research areas researchers work on are not limited to the specialty they studied at university, so they are encouraged to proactively expand their field of knowledge to create new value.


These positions involve work focused on establishing systems and work environments enabling employees to achieve results, as well as work aimed at raising the value of corporate outcomes and using them to their fullest extent. In both cases, administrators are responsible for a wide range of tasks ranging from proposing plans to actually carrying them out. They are also expected to cooperate with the various parties involved and, in their capacity as laboratory operation professionals, demonstrate initiative and propose new systems and processes.

Administration division

The administrative departments work to maximize the output of Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. These departments cover a wide range of fields, including the introduction of innovative work practices to meet the goals of our business vision, the strengthening of cooperation with Toyota group companies, as well as universities and research institutes inside and outside Japan, the planning and promotion of research management systems and intellectual property strategies, the management of budgets for running the laboratories, the operation of human resources systems to enhance the capabilities of the individuals and teams that are the wellspring of research, and planning and promotion to enhance safety and well-being.

Core Technology / Frontier Research Strategy Office

The administrative departments of the research divisions are responsible for enabling the smooth pursuit of research activities. In addition to assessing themes the company should tackle and building the frameworks necessary to do so, these departments also play a liaison role between the research and administrative divisions.