Realizing a society where everybody can have freedom of mobility: this is one of the aims of Toyota group. Automated driving technology contributes to realize true freedom of mobility. Driving consists of recognition decision making and operation. We conduct research on sensor development, signal processing, learning, and vehicle control those are required for automated driving.
These include sensor technologies that can spot objects at long distances in great detail, as well as judgment technologies capable of planning correct routes from environmental information obtained by these sensors. Driving control technologies that ensure safety and peace of mind are just as essential.
We are fusing technologies from multiple fields to help realize a future society where we can all move in complete freedom.

3D Laser Radar

Depth-imaging technology enabling low-cost compact sensors has been developed. It can be applied to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for detection of obstacles and recognition of drivable paths.

3D Laser Radar

Integrated Positioning Technology (PRECISE*)

An integrated positioning technology that uses all GPS satellites along the vehicle trajectory and precision vehicle trajectory estimation technology using GPS Doppler shift frequency is developed. This method makes it possible to reduce multi-path signals and achieve several meters positioning accuracy in urban areas.
( *PRECISE : Positioning with Reliability Enhancement by Coupling IMU Satellites with External sensors )